Revolutionizing the
Poultry Industry


It all started when...

... the worldwide egg industry recognized the need to end male chick culling.

Ovabrite is developing technologies to detect egg fertility and chick gender on the day of lay.  Our solutions will reduce labor and energy costs, create new revenue streams and enable ethical culling long before the 'pain threshold'.




Matt O'Hayer, CEO

In 2007, Matt set out to prove that it is possible to produce the highest quality food in an environmentally responsible manner from humanely treated animals on a commercial scale. Matt's previous companies have been listed on NASDAQ and in the INC 500. In addition to being a chicken whisperer, Matt is a USCG Master Captain, an accomplished chef, a rescue diver, and has been an instrument pilot for over 30 years.


Jonathan Hoopes, President

Jonathan joined Ovabrite as President in early 2017.  Jonathan previously served as President and Interim-CEO of a public energy services company that grew from $0 to over $25 million in annual revenues during his four-year tenure.  Jonathan is a co-inventor on two separate industrial patents and is a fifteen-year veteran of Wall Street with extensive experience in the technology sector having worked at UBS, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs in New York, Hong Kong and London.  Jonathan holds an MBA from Wharton.


Paul Knepper, In Ovo Market Expert

Paul is a former Navy SEAL and McKinsey consultant who has worldwide experience in strategy, tech, marketing and operations.    Paul spearheaded the development of Ovabrite's TeraEgg project and his efforts were key to establishing Ovabrite's leadership position.  Paul moved to a consulting capacity in early 2017 where he continues to offer insights gleaned from his pioneering efforts.


Jason Dale, CFO

With experience in Finance and Operations gained from 15 years at Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Foods, a premium natural & organic prepared Italian Foods company, Jason brings his experience to the finance and accounting group as well as help with the continued effort to provide sustainable food. When he is not working he enjoys being outdoors, playing tennis, cycling, and spending time with his wife and son.

Ovabrite … working towards an Early, Efficient and Ethical solution to address a global issue.


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